The First Day At Secondary School

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First Day in our Primary School

Prepare early, and purchase all your equipment a couple of weeks before school starts. Go with a mum, sister or friend, to give you inspiration if your unsure of what to get. Most schools will give you a list — if so, make sure you get every thing on it. Otherwise, ask someone whom goes to the school for advise. Some stuff you might want to get: A strong, durable pencil case, clearly named, big enough to hold your stuff and that stands out from the crowd. Make sure you have your entire uniform, well before your first day.

Check that it is named, and, if you are getting a second hand one, make sure that it is clean and ironed. A dirty, messy uniform will leave a bad impression on your teacher, and this is the last thing you need. Also, if you need to get a P.

Download the Secondary Student Handbook

E bag, lacrosse stick, shin pads, a mouth guard etc. In the case of mouth guards, try to get it professionally fitted, to ensure your safety.

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Some schools ask that you get predominantly white trainers — make sure you stick to the color code. Go on your schools website and look around.

It will contain useful information, and you will probably be using it a lot this year so make sure you know where stuff is. Also read any handbooks or starter packs offered. Put out all your pencils, books and binders and put everything in one backpack or shoulder bag this should be strong, durable, and weatherproof. Make sure you know where stuff is, and that you have a suitable place for things like a student ID, if your school gives you one.

You also may like to keep a bag of hair ties for girls and a small hairbrush, in case of an emergency. If you want, get a small box of extra supplies, including cartridges, and extra pen, or some rubbers, in case you lose your current ones.

10 tips for your child’s first day of secondary school

Clear some space on your desk, and devote a shelf to your schoolbooks, for when you not using them. Another idea is to get a calendar or bulletin board, so you can transfer any important events you have to it, such as exams. A few weeks before school, start going to bed earlier, and waking up at the time you actually need to, when you start school. The night before your first day, lay out all your clothes neatly. Make sure you lay out your socks, shoes and any other accessories you are planning to wear if your school allows it Make a lunch if you are bringing one, or make sure you have money, if you are buying one.

Check once more that everything is in your bag. Plan how you are going to do your hair. Wake up 15 minutes earlier that you usually would, so that you have extra time in case something goes wrong. If everything goes as planned, you will have extra time to do whatever you like. This is really important, as it has been scientifically proven that people who eat a healthy breakfast do better in school.

Really take the time to eat well. All of these are good options. A bowl of cereal Yogurt with muesli A bowl of fruit Toast Eggs and bacon. Brush your teeth and style your hair. Brush your teeth well and floss only if needed. If possible, save flossing for night and maybe even rinse with a mouthwash before bed.

The First Day of Secondary School

Brush and style your hair, but don't overdo it. Again, don't wear a beautiful bun with little curls if you're going to wear a ponytail every other day of the year. If you're style isn't working and you've tried more than twice, skip it. For now stick with a bun, a ponytail, or a simpler version of what you were trying to do. Thomas Telford CTC in Shropshire sends out a "first day, first week" booklet, packed with useful advice.

Tonbridge Grammar School in Kent, which has pupils from 80 different schools forming the year group of , has already set up working partnerships with as many primary schools as possible. At Dulwich College in south London, there's an introductory day for boys and parents before the summer holidays, an induction day for year sevens that includes team-building exercises, and then five days for each class in turn at the Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales.

Your most important job is to warn all year-olds that they will feel very small. Last year, they looked over the heads of diminutive infants; now they crick their necks to view the distant faces of adult-sized sixth-formers. Ceilings will seem higher, classrooms bigger, the school hall the size of the Albert Hall. Apart from not getting to school on time, which is a strict but reasonable expectation, they will be forgiven any number of sins - including, in these early days, major lapses of etiquette such as bursting into the wrong classroom, wearing the wrong uniform or turning up with all the wrong books.

On the other hand, stress that first impressions count. It is a sad but undeniable truth that reputations, once attracted, stick like glue.

If you mistakenly give the impression to your new classmates that you are geeky, pretentious or just plain odd, it could be Christmas before anyone sits next to you at lunch. At junior school you were cosied up with Mrs Jenkins all day, every day; now you're coping with a new face for each lesson, along with conflicting ideas on discipline, homework and whether talking in class is a sign of healthy co-operation or grounds for detention. Suggest to your child that, generally, the new system works better, partly because the odds are she'll find at least one teacher she likes this works well if she hated Mrs Jenkins and also because subject teachers tend to be enthusiastic about their specialisms this works well if Mrs Jenkins was hopeless at French.

Remind your child, who hardly ever saw a man in the classroom at junior school, that there will be many more male teachers. There will be a huge increase in homework, unless your child went to a particularly hot-housing sort of junior school.

Back to school: First day at secondary school

Your priority is to agree rules with your child and stick to them. Finally, although this is hard, don't panic about how much your child suddenly has to remember. Games kit, textbooks, homework, swipe card - it's all a big step up from taking in an empty egg box. Stick the timetable on to the fridge, encourage your child to pack his or her school rucksack the night before - and try very hard to accept that missing art aprons, lost homework and forgotten football boots are all part and parcel of that first, memorable term.

Nobody could figure out where the smell was coming from, so they had to close the school. To be honest, I was a little bit disappointed. They made you lie down for an hour. You never slept - you just lay there. That was a great shock.

Your First Day in Secondary School

I have never wanted a stress-free life since. I'll never forget that feeling.

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Then I had very happy years at school.

The First Day At Secondary School The First Day At Secondary School
The First Day At Secondary School The First Day At Secondary School
The First Day At Secondary School The First Day At Secondary School
The First Day At Secondary School The First Day At Secondary School
The First Day At Secondary School The First Day At Secondary School
The First Day At Secondary School The First Day At Secondary School

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