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The appeal is from a judgment in favor of the beneficiary named in a contract issued by the appellant, a mutual aid society organized under the laws of this state. Decedent had been a member of the society for about fifteen years and at the time of his death by suicide was a member in good standing. The beneficiary's rights are derived from the by-laws and a designation by her husband, a member of the society.

Article 23 provides that every member after one year from his initiation, if in good standing article 24 , shall be entitled to certain benefits. Article 28, so far as pertinent, provides as follows: The map of Fratellanza Club Inc shows the approximate location in Emeryville,. The Fratellanza Contract Crozier Green.

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All the characters from the first book are there with the. Book Hotels in Emeryville CA. The first clubhouse was the rented basement of a house on 65th street. After a few years it was decided that the rented basement no longer served the needs of the membership and the members purchased a two-story house and cottage located on the site where our current clubhouse stands.

The home was setup so that the food preparation, dining, and dancing all took place on the ground floor. The second floor was used by the members for playing cards and sampling their homemade wines and spirits. Bill assisted many Italian immigrants with the process of becoming U. In , due to the increasing membership, the members again decided it was time to expand the Club. The members, with the help of building contractor John Farramia, designed and built the current dance hall, clubroom, indoor bocce alleys, and a kitchen.

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  5. Leogrande v. Societa M.S. Fratellanza Italiana, 42 A.2d , N.J.L. 51 –

To help finance the project, the Club sold bonds to the Members.

The Fratellanza Contract The Fratellanza Contract
The Fratellanza Contract The Fratellanza Contract
The Fratellanza Contract The Fratellanza Contract
The Fratellanza Contract The Fratellanza Contract
The Fratellanza Contract The Fratellanza Contract
The Fratellanza Contract The Fratellanza Contract

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