Drugs Turn Kids into Zombies

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The devastating consequences of taking Spice have been described by those hooked on the lethal drug which has destroyed their lives - and killed their pals. Harrowing pictures show people lying motionless in the middle of a city centre, slumped over on a park bench or standing in the street bent double and swaying while gripped by the drug's effects. The man-made drug usually consists of a mixture of herbs or shredded plant material with mind-altering chemicals sprayed on them. However, it also causes a significant reduction in the respiratory system, which causes the body to shut down due to low oxygen levels - hence the zombie-like state.

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One user said their heart was beating so hard it felt like it was going to come out of their chest. Describing what happens when she smokes Spice, one woman said: Then you spark up another spliff and just go on and on and on. Meanwhile, another Spice user - who says he stopped using the drug ten days ago and is determined not to go back - describes how easy it is to get hold of and says it is "like buying sweets". Some people, it can make them fall over and comatose. Others, it just feels like weed.

Let’s try to get the facts straight

But, other than that, it can wreck your life. Asked if he knew anyone whose life Spice had ruined, he says: It can poison you, it can stop your heart.

Spice makes you need it physically and mentally. It's a mental want but you'll be sick so you physically need it as well. Speaking outside a medical centre in Butetown, Cardiff, a woman who has been off Spice for six days - and started smoking it a year and a half before it was made illegal - describes the effect on her behaviour. I'm not an angry person but it's turned me, not violent, but I get really irate within seconds. With crack, it's not a physical withdrawal, it's psychosis.

Cannibals and zombies high on ‘bath salts’?

I've accused my own friends of robbing me when they haven't. In Swansea, Lisa, a heroin user living on the streets, says spice is rife.

Antipsychotic meds prompt zombie-like state among patients

I don't want to smoke it. Available editions United Kingdom. Doctors for a man whose face and eyeball were eaten by Rudy Eugene. Zombies Methamphetamines Molly Cannibalism street drugs. The Conversation is a non-profit.

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Follow us on social media. Nutt's extensive work has shown that ecstasy in its pure form is very safe if properly manufactured and non-contaminated. Five things to know about Flakka, the so-called 'zombie drug'. The "flakka" a substance that makes you a zombie. Media headlines about a 'zombie drug' are making waves.

  • Flakka is a dangerous drug, but it doesn't turn you into a zombie!
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  • Both sides agree there are insufficient resources for affected children.!
  • HEALTHY LIVING: ‘Ritalin turned my son into a zombie’ - The Star.

Why are there so many synthetic drugs like Flakka coming on to the market? Thugs stone, petrol bomb Metro police in Coronationville South Africa. Sun City assesses golf course damage South Africa.

Drugs Turn Kids into Zombies Drugs Turn Kids into Zombies
Drugs Turn Kids into Zombies Drugs Turn Kids into Zombies
Drugs Turn Kids into Zombies Drugs Turn Kids into Zombies
Drugs Turn Kids into Zombies Drugs Turn Kids into Zombies
Drugs Turn Kids into Zombies Drugs Turn Kids into Zombies
Drugs Turn Kids into Zombies Drugs Turn Kids into Zombies
Drugs Turn Kids into Zombies Drugs Turn Kids into Zombies

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